Comparative Genomics and Evolution
BCB/GEN 556 Spring 2005

Instructor: Xun Gu
Office: 322 Science II Hall
Office hour: by appointment

Lectures: TR 3:40 - 5:00, MBB 1424.
Textbook: Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics (ISBN:0195135857)

Web Page: .

Homework assignments and Discussion (25%)
Term-paper (literature-review) (40%)
Presentation (35%)

Time Schedule

Presentation Schedule:

Apr. 14 No Class.

Apr. 21 Raja Kumar Sankula, Aimin Yan, Scott Emrich.

Apr. 26 Balkz Mertz, Lei Zhu, M. Willkerson.

Apr. 28 Lixia Jin, Yong Huang, M. Serenius, Feihong Wu.

Reading Papers:

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Feb 22,2005

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Feb 24,2005

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Mar 1 & Mar 3,2005

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Mar 10,2005

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