Statistical Methods for Computational Biology
BCB/GEN 557 Spring 2004

Instructor: Xun Gu
Office: 322 Science II Hall
Office hour: by appointment

Lectures: TR 3:40 - 5:00, Town 0230.
Textbook: Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics.
Masatoshi Nei, Sudhir Kumar, OXFORD University Press 2000

Web Page: .

Homework assignments and Discussion (25%)
Term-paper (literature-review) (40%)
Presentation (35%)

Time Schedule

Presentation Schedule:

Apr. 15(Thur): Since nobody will give presentation today, so no class.

Apr. 20(Tues): Scott Emrich; Wu Di; Zhongqi Zhang.

Apr. 22(Thur): Michael Sparks; Wei Huang; Ying Zheng.

Apr. 27(Tues): Ding Jing; Kalyan Dudala.

Reading Papers:

[1] Gu X (1999) Statistical methods for testing functional divergence after gene duplication. Molecular Biology and Evolution 16:1664-1674.
[2] Gu X (2001) Maximum likelihood approach for gene family evolution under functional divergence. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 18: 453-464.
[3] Wang Y, Gu X (2001) Functional divergence in the Caspase gene family and altered functional constraints: statistical analysis and prediction. Genetics. 158:1311-1320.
[4] Gu J, Gu X (2003) Induced gene expression in human brain after the split from chimpanzee. TRENDS in Genetics. 19:63-65.
[5] Gu J, Gu X (2003) Further statistical analysis for genome-wide expression evolution in primate brain/liver/fibroblast tissues. Human Genomics.